29 Nov


Dear confreres,
Exactly a week ago (21st Nov.) delegates from Ishibori Development Council (IDC) had a meeting with the Bishop and some of his curia members ( including a priest from Ishibori community). Their grievances and fears about the location of the New Cathedral were effectively and significantly allayed. The dialogue ended positively, they retired home visibly contented and happy with the interaction.
Today at about 9:30am, a section of placards carrying women from Ishibori community ( Not Catholic Women), stormed the bishop’s house protesting obviously against the location of the New Cathedral. This unfortunately is a indeed a collective smear.
After concerted efforts, a team delegated by the bishop had a very fruitful dialogue with the elders, youths women and IDC representatives. Issues on the front burner were tackled, were they openly regretted their actions.
The scheduled fund raising and ground breaking ceremony of the New Cathedral remains sacrosanct. There is absolutely no cause for alarm.
Meanwhile, the bishop appreciates all for the uncommon show of solidarity and love. In his words ” it is part of the cross we must all bear as disciples of Christ”.
Let us continue to pray for our bishop and the diocese. May St. Benedict interceed for us. Thanks.

Fr. Emma Eroh
Director of Communication.

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