28 Jan


The Catholic Bishop of Ogoja, Most Rev. Donatus Akpan has officially commissioned the ODAIP HOUSE as the bedrock for self sustenance for Ogoja diocese. ODAIP is the Ogoja Development and Investment Project which would serve multi-purpose ventures. As a Financial office of the diocese, ODAIP HOUSE will help organise the financial contributions of the diocese. The ODAIP office would be used for operation of soft loan schemes for parishioners involved in agricultural and non-agricultural small business ventures, while the Cafteria will be used for the bakery of confectionaries and sale of ODAIP products.

Presently, ODAIP products on sale includes ODAIP BREAD in various forms such as Butter Bread, fruit Bread, Wheat and Coconut Bread. Other ODAIP Products on sale are: Ice-cream, Meat Pies, Donuts etc. Products in view for the near future in the bakery section would include: Chicken menus, Frozen fish, Roasted fish, Shawama, Sausage rolls, birthday/cup cakes, yoghurt, chin chin, fresh fruit drinks, fried, white and joloff rice and salads.The Cafteria would also serve modest refreshments (mostly in the evenings).

In the near future, ODAIP would serve as a springboard for capital investments such as, Bottled Water, Furniture and Upholstery, Supermarket, Skills Acquisition Center for the Youth etc. The ODAIP initiative which originally began as Ogoja Diocesan Agricultural Intervention Programme is presently piloting 5 Diocesan Agricultural value chains; the Yam farm at Ibil, the Cassava farm at Victoria near Ikom, the Groundnut farm at Ugaga, the Maize farm at Okundi in Boki and the Rice farm at Ipipila near Okpoma all managed by priests of Ogoja diocese under the Diocesan Agricultural commission.

The Bishop of Ogoja who himself is a renowned farmer, pointed out that the ODAIP Initiative is meant to touch the lives of the people practically. He commended the Vicar General Adminstration and Director of ODAIP in the diocese Fr. Peter Abue for his dexterity, hardwork and creativity. He projected that similar outlets could be established at Obudu and Ikom axis of the diocese and vouched for the credibility of all ODAIP products and ventures.

Speaking to our crew, the VGA and Director of ODAIP Fr Abue commended the bishop for his relentless support and his agric driven passion which is yielding fruits within a short time. He emphasised that ODAIP products are presently leading the race in the market and called on priests and the lay faithful to key in fully and patronise ODAIP.

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